Speed-Freak Grantmaking at Council on Foundations Conference

So the Speed-Freak Philanthropy post and the profile of the Energy Foundation’s 27 day grant cycle on their $110 million annual budget spurred a lot of interest. The Energy Foundation has received a bunch of emails asking for more information about their approach, including from two of the country’s largest foundations. In addition, the Council on Foundations conference planning committee has just told me that they have invited Jason Ricci of the Energy Foundation to speak at this year’s conference about how faster grantmaking can increase impact.

Will they call the session Speed-Freak Philanthropy? If they do, I’m sure it will draw quite a crowd. But even if they don’t, if you attend the Council on Foundations conference this year, look for a session featuring Jason Ricci and find out how even the biggest foundations in the world can ditch the stunningly long seven month grant cycle for a system that is more in step with the fast moving world in which we live.