Liquidnet Impact Challenge

Liquidnet, the sponsor of the Tactical Philanthropy Track at last year’s Social Capital Markets conference and producer of these highly regarded slides about Giving Markets, is hosting a competition for business school students to figure out ways to transform traditional donors into social investors. They now have seven finalists selected by a great group of judges including Ken Berger of Charity Navigator, Bob Ottenhoff of Guidestar and other sector leaders.

Each of the ideas have been posted as SlideShare presentations and Liquidnet is hoping to get your feedback. You can click here to read about the contest and click on the links below to view and comment on each finalist:

  • SPLASH: Leveraging social media to forge relationships between donors, nonprofits and beneficiaries (Lebow-Drexel University)
  • Pajebal: Using video pitches, online markets and business to business funding to stoke online funding markets (Duke University)
  • Guaranteed Impact: Impact insurance that gives donors their money back if it is not spent wisely. (Baruch College)
  • GiveSmart: Using game mechanics to encourage effective funding. (Stanford University)
  • GiveEmpower: A philanthropy web portal for financial planners. (Kellogg School of Management)
  • give411: A marketing campaign to encourage social investing. (Wake Forest University)
  • Diaspora Collaborative Fund: Bringing together expatriates to donate effectively to their home country. (Georgetown University)