Tactical Philanthropy Haiku Contest

At the suggestion of reader John MacIntosh I’m going to host a little Tactical Philanthropy haiku contest. No voting or winners, this is just for fun.

John’s entry:

Donors want data
Nonprofits measure impact
Experts watch and smile

Add your philanthropy haiku as a comment!


  1. Fisher Qua says:

    Get out your checkbooks!
    Open your hearts, and wallets.
    Do good with money.

    Give more, live more, now!
    Be generous: help others.
    Philanthropic bliss.

    via Heather Pitre our awesome Events and Communications Specialist and screen writer to boot!

  2. Money flows aligned,
    backing awesome nonprofits,
    investing in good.

  3. Roger Burks says:

    Jargon abounding —
    Tame those acronyms with
    Real peoples’ voices.

  4. Alex Aldrich says:

    Triple bottom line
    shares what we have always known.
    Please, no more metrics!

  5. Melinda Tuan says:

    Numbers and stories
    Social value creation
    What it’s all about…

  6. Jake Samuelson says:

    This one for fun re: Alex Aldrich’s great haiku.

    Impact Investor?
    or an Impact Imposter?
    We do need metrics.

  7. These are great! Keep ’em coming!

    Diagnosis problems
    Strategic Philanthropist
    You must solve them all

  8. Gwyneth Tripp says:

    Big Vision
    tangible changes
    hint at who we hope to become.

  9. Bryann says:

    Show me the impact
    But ease up on the jargon
    Or head will explode

  10. Janet says:

    Econ back on track –
    Time to make a difference.
    Invest in good – now!

  11. We give you money.
    The project fails.

  12. Krista says:

    Addictive handouts
    pad African state budgets
    Target small business

  13. Hmm, so many of these are pretty negative! Anyone have a haiku that celebrates philanthropy?

  14. Can root of Evil
    Grow to be exhanged for Good?
    Fruit of our Hearts.

  15. Want to give well?
    Know the difference
    Between tactics and strategies.

  16. Giving done online
    Impactful philanthropy
    Donor happy now!

  17. Nathalie Guyol says:

    ‘Tis better to give than to receive
    just try it once and you’ll believe.

  18. Love. Reach. Connect. Lift.
    Amplify good going on.
    A privilege, this.

  19. Support comes from few

    Those who give should be nurtured

    Else renewals fail

  20. Valerie says:

    Giving. Receiving.
    Both in equal measurement.
    For all you have, give.

  21. Bryann says:

    Behold, nonprofits:
    Philanthropy Kung Fu Grip
    Money flows, you thrive.

  22. t_hall says:

    Donors –
    Please, inspire me!
    Don’t waste my time or money.
    Let me give wisely.

    Funders –
    All we do is good.
    Help me, help you, help others –
    Show me the money!

  23. Adnan Mahmud says:

    A Philanthropist.
    Gives support to the needy
    ‘Cuz it just feels right!