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Packard Foundation Transparency Experiment

I wrote yesterday about the Demonstrating Impact session here at the Council on Foundations conference and the concept of transparency as a way to improve the field of philanthropy rather than a public accountability issue. Today I want to show you a radical experiment in transparency being tried by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation.The […]

Demonstrating Impact: Philanthropy’s Urgent Call to Action

Before I came to Seattle, I told my readers that they could assign me to cover the sessions they found most interesting. Holden Karnofsky, whose project GiveWell he refers to as The World’s First Transparent Grankmaker, dropped me the following note: To me [Demonstrating Impact: How Foundations Can Show Their Value] is the one that […]

George Overholser

There is so much to read and so little time. While social media tools have allowed for an explosion of niche focused media (like this blog), tracking all of the information — absorbing the best and ignoring the rest — gets more and more difficult. But when you’re alerted to the fact that your own […]

Clara Miller

Clara Miller is the CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund. On Wednesday, I’ll be releasing a podcast interview I recorded with her a couple weeks ago. Yesterday she sat on a panel with Nancy Roob, president of The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation to discuss “Linking Money to Mission: Structuring Your Grants to Promote Grantee Performance”. This […]

The Practice of Philanthropy

This has to be the only philanthropy blog that never discusses any particular cause. It’s not just that I don’t advocate for particular causes, it’s that causes just don’t even make it into the daily discourse. That’s because I’m interested in the practice of philanthropy. Sure, I have causes that I personally care about, but […]

Online vs. Offline Conversations

I ran into Lucy Bernholz at the first session yesterday. She and I have met in person before, but I’m always struck by how much more interesting in-person interactions are than the online version. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big advocate of how blog and other social media software allows for interactions between people […]

Web 2.0 Media & Philanthropy

I’m a bad blogger. I don’t buy into all this Web 2.0 bubble talk that bloggers are going to replace the “mainstream media”. For me, the important element about blogs is the technology that allows for the information stream to run back and forth and around and around instead of simply being piped in one […]

Morphing Media: Philanthropy & New Media

The four panelists at the Morphing Media session were: Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post Dorothy Ridings, Former COF CEO Ian Rowe, vice president, MTV Jay Harris, COF Board Member Maxwell King, The Heinz Endowments All four of the panelists saw the value of New Media and the growing importance of its role in philanthropy. But there […]

Tom Edsall Joining Huffington Post

It is not everyday that a blog like Tactical Philanthropy gets to break news. I even said earlier that I’m not attending the Council on Foundations conference to “report”. But here I am at the Morphing Media session and Arianna Huffington says that next week the Huffington Post will be announcing that they’ve hired Tom […]

Philanthropy & Blogs

What exactly does it mean that the Council on Foundations has invited me and other bloggers to cover their conference under a press pass? As I discussed when I accepted the invitation, I had some hesitations: I do not think of myself as a member of the press. I’m not a reporter. I think the […]