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Announcing the Smart Money Award

During the Monitor Future of Philanthropy workshop, the attendees broke into small groups to rapidly prototype an innovation that could help propel some of the themes discussed in the workshop. The group that I was a part of ended up winning the prize for best innovation. Given that the winning entry from last year’s workshop […]

GuideStar Launches Expert Nonprofit Reviews

Last year, GuideStar, Charity Navigator, GiveWell, Philanthropedia, GreatNonprofits and Philanthropy Action put out a joint press release announcing their rejection of overhead expense ratios as the primary approach to evaluating nonprofits. GuideStar was a little bit of an odd group to sign the press release, because while they provide information about nonprofits, they do not […]

Curmudgeonly Comments: Online Capital Markets for Nonprofits?

This is a guest post from George Overholser of the Nonprofit Finance Fund. This post follows the bullet point format George used when he wrote the Bullet Point Manifesto guest post last year. By George Overholser Someone recently defined nonprofit “mid-caps” as organizations with revenues in the $5 million to $25 million range. We need […]

Raising Money v. Moving Money

This is a guest post from Steve Goldberg. Steve is a consultant to Charity Navigator and the author of Billions of Drops in Millions of Buckets:  Why Philanthropy Doesn’t Advance Social Progress. By Steve Goldberg I’m struck by the inherent futility of fundraising. Like Sisyphus endlessly rolling that rock up the mountain, a fundraiser’s job […]

Social Innovation Fund Finalizes Guidelines

Key Points The final Social Innovation Fund guidelines recognize the limited availability of evidence in the social sector. The guidelines lower the minimum grant size to broaden the range of grantmakers who can apply. The Social Innovation Fund offers a chance for smart grantmakers to demonstrate effective philanthropy on a national stage and influence public […]

Crowdsourcing the SoCap Conference

Within minutes of announcing that there would be a Tactical Philanthropy track at this year’s SoCap Conference we started getting emails from people who had suggestions for panels and speakers. So I’m glad to say that our plans for designing the track include soliciting your ideas and comments. Below you’ll find a number of session […]

Tactical Philanthropy at Social Capital Markets Conference 2010

Today I’m happy to announce that Tactical Philanthropy Advisors is working with the team that produces the Social Capital Markets conference to curate a Tactical Philanthropy Track at this year’s conference (October 4-6 in San Francisco). The Social Capital Markets conference has fast become one of the few must attend conferences in the social investing […]

Social Innovation Fund Comments

On Friday, the Corporation for National & Community Service released a Draft Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) for the Social Innovation Fund. This document lays out the application process for the $50 million in grants to be available in 2010 from the Fund. The document is pretty user friendly and at 24 pages is certainly […]

The Role of Social Stock Exchanges

This is a guest post from Alex Rossides, the founder of Growth Philanthropy Network, the organization behind the Social Impact Exchange. Alex’s post is a follow up to my post last week profiling the Exchange and my post yesterday envisioning the future of social stock exchanges in the year 2033. By Alex Rossides Thanks to […]

Philanthropy in 2033

In light of my post on Friday about the new Social Impact Exchange, I thought I’d rerun a Financial Times Column I wrote in March of 2008 about the social stock exchanges of the future. The Donor Landscape of 2033 is Bright Published: March 1, 2008 | Link to Financial Times Column Philanthropy is undergoing […]