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Why We Need Philanthropic Equity

My newest column in the Chronicle of Philanthropy appears below. You can find an archive of past columns here. Charities Should Be Held to ‘Philanthropic Equity’ Standards By Sean Stannard-Stockton August 20, 2009 | Link to Chronicle of Philanthropy It is time for nonprofit accounting standards to recognize the concept of "philanthropic equity." For too […]

Philanthropy’s Trifecta: Information, Wisdom & Relationships

My most recent column for the Chronicle of Philanthropy, appearing in this week’s issue. You can find an archive of past columns here. Data Don’t Tell the Whole Story of Charities’ Impact July 2, 2009 | Link to Chronicle of Philanthropy A week’s worth of The New York Times includes more information than the average […]

Institutional vs. Individual Philanthropy

This is my newest column from the Chronicle of Philanthropy. You can find an archive of past columns here. Charities Should Nurture Donors’ Passion for Giving By Sean Stannard-Stockton|Link to Chronicle of Philanthropy May 21, 2009 In a quest to make philanthropy more efficient and effective, many organizations and individuals have sprung up to improve […]

The Googlization of Philanthropy

This is the newest edition of my column appearing in the Chronicle of Philanthropy this week. This column was an outgrowth of conversations here on Tactical Philanthropy and I’m appreciative to the readers who left comments on those original posts and informed my thinking on this concept. You can find an archive of my past […]

Chronicle of Philanthropy/Tactical Philanthropy Interactivity

When I first launched my column with the Financial Times, I planned on creating some linkages between the column and this blog. For instance, when I wrote a column about giving circles I had hoped to link back to my blog where I would publish a list of similarities between giving circles and investment clubs […]

Chronicle of Philanthropy Column

There was an unstated irony in the theme of my Financial Times column yesterday being that “the Second Great Wave of Philanthropy is alive and well.” At the end of this month, the Financial Times, suffering along with most all newspapers, will be eliminating their Wealth section where my column and all their philanthropy coverage […]