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Leveraging Expertise in Philanthropy

Here’s an example of a way that donors with knowledge about a specific area of social impact can leverage their knowledge by sharing it with other donors. This comes from Social Venture Partners Rhode Island, but it is a format that any group with domain expertise in a particular grantmaking arena could copy. Leveraged Investments […]

Mission Related Investing for Individuals

In my column on the future of wealth management and philanthropy that appeared in Wealth Manager magazine last November I wrote: Mission related investing (MRI) is the term used to describe investments made by philanthropic entities in the pursuit of both financial and social returns. Unlike traditional socially responsible investing that relies on “negative screening”—the […]

Dorothy Reynolds on Community Foundations

Dorothy Reynolds has spent more than 20 years in the field of community-based philanthropy. Initially a senior staff member and CEO for community foundations in Ohio and Michigan, Reynolds has worked as a consultant for a number of philanthropic organizations for the past 11 years. She is also the author of three reports on community […]