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Groupon, NTEN & Tactical Philanthropy Teleconference

The blog post I wrote about Groupon’s evolution from a social enterprise made the rounds on Twitter and elsewhere for quite a few days. One reader was Groupon CEO Andrew Mason who forwarded the post to his social innovation lead Patty Huber. Another reader was NTEN’s executive director Holly Ross who has now put together […]

Groupon: A Billion Dollar Social Enterprise?

Groupon is the fastest growing company in history. Just two years after launching the company reportedly turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google. But what many people don’t know is that Groupon was launched by a social entrepreneur. Back in 2007, 26-year-old Andrew Mason was working away on a website called The Point. […]

The Big Shift in Philanthropy

If there is one underlying dynamic that describes the change going on in philanthropy it is a shift of focus from “The Gift” to “The Impact”. A shift of attention from the act of giving to the change the gift achieves. This of course has huge ramifications since we know that the percentage of GDP […]