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Social Innovation Fast Pitch

For-profit markets have mechanisms where groups of potential investment opportunities are vetted and then presented to potential investors. The success of this model, is that the potential investors come to the table looking for potential investments. This is radically different from most nonprofit fundraising interactions where the potential “investee” approaches the potential “investor” without having […]

Emotions & Logic in Philanthropy

Today I randomly ran across a two year old comment I left on Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog. Katya Andresen’s colleague Jono Smith had written a post arguing for nonprofit fundraisers to appeal to “the heart, not the head” when approaching donors. Smith wrote: Feelings, not analytical thinking, drive donations. According to a new study (PDF […]

The FORGE Story & The Wall Street Journal

The FORGE story dominated many of my blog posts from December of last year. It was the first time that the Tactical Philanthropy Community came together around a specific nonprofit. From the hours of pro bono consulting of Tactical Philanthropy reader Curtis Chang to the many, many comments from readers offering advice and constructive criticism […]

Building Individual Fundraising Capacity

Last year, consultant Curtis Chang of Consulting Within Reach offered his services pro bono to FORGE during their radical transparency experiment. Looking back on the FORGE story, Curtis told me: My takeaway from the FORGE case is that there is tremendous strategic leverage when foundations, influential individuals and nonprofits work together for the good of […]

Dan Pallotta & Robert Egger Hash Things Out

In the comments section to my post about Dan Pallotta’s new book Uncharitable, Dan skewered Robert Egger for his quote in the Chronicle of Philanthropy that Dan “Strip-minded the cause” and for the negative treatment that Robert afforded Dan in his book Begging for Change. Robert, the president of DC Central Kitchen and a member […]


I totally let the New York Times beat me to the punch! Over the summer, Dan Pallotta, the author of the new book Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential , sent me a review copy of his book. He sent it to me after reading my Financial Times column arguing in favor of […]

“Investing” & Philanthropy Part 2

Jeff Trexler who is a professor of social entrepreneurship at Pace University leaves a comment on my last post: This is an important discussion. As we see with the way Obama and others have framed government expenditures on infrastructure, the investment metaphor can be an effective rhetorical tool for building support for public benefit activities. […]

Another Foundation Funds FORGE

The day after I laid out Why I’m Investing in FORGE, I received an email from an anonymous foundation asking me for additional commentary on my rationale. Today I was cc’d on this letter that they sent to FORGE. This is being reprinted with permission: Dear Kjerstin, It was great to meet at your office […]

Transparent Fundraising

Humans tend to trust people who they think aren’t hiding anything. Donors give money to nonprofits that they trust. To date, FORGE has raised the following as a result of their transparency (according to to FORGE’s executive director): $8,000 from new private individuals who most likely came throught due to the online activity. $4,000 from […]

FORGE Final Report

On October 21, I called the Forging Ahead blog “The Most Important Nonprofit Blog” because of the way that executive director Kjerstin Erickson was embracing radical transparency in response to their fundraising crisis. On November 3, the Tactical Philanthropy Community responded with a number of offers of assistance. The lead assistance came from Curtis Chang […]