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Good Intentions vs. Good Results Part II

Saundra commented on my post about her anti-TOMS Shoes video from Friday: “I may occasionally put things too harshly, but it’s often because I’m one of the few people out there making noise. I’ve seen some extremely questionable donor advice out there and myths and misconceptions are commonly reinforced by the people that donors turn […]

Chronicle of Philanthropy/Tactical Philanthropy Interactivity

When I first launched my column with the Financial Times, I planned on creating some linkages between the column and this blog. For instance, when I wrote a column about giving circles I had hoped to link back to my blog where I would publish a list of similarities between giving circles and investment clubs […]

Reimagining CSR

Warning: Shameless, but well deserved plug ahead. Most people don’t know this, but my younger sister Jessica Stannard-Friel gave me my first big break in philanthropy. Before I started Tactical Philanthropy, I wrote an essay called The Evolution of the Tactical Philanthropist for the book Mapping The New World of American Philanthropy. The book was […]

“Investing” & Philanthropy Part 2

Jeff Trexler who is a professor of social entrepreneurship at Pace University leaves a comment on my last post: This is an important discussion. As we see with the way Obama and others have framed government expenditures on infrastructure, the investment metaphor can be an effective rhetorical tool for building support for public benefit activities. […]

New Way To Rate Charities Sought

The Washington Post, who named Megan Greenwell to their “philanthropy beat” last week, has written a story in today’s paper about the Effective Social Investing working group that I attended last week: New Way To Rate Charities Sought An alliance of prominent philanthropists and entrepreneurs is developing a rating system that they hope will radically […]

Blogging About Philanthropy

Most blogs written by foundation employees do not actually talk about the field of philanthropy. Instead they talk about what they foundation is doing and are often little more than frequently updated online newsletters (Gara LaMarche, the CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies, writes a personal blog about music, politics and all sorts of interesting things, […]

Paul Brest Has a Blog

A year ago I wrote a blog post for the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled “Paul Brest Needs a Blog” (Paul is the president of the Hewlett Foundation). So you can imagine my pleasure when I sat down to lunch with Paul today and he told me he had just this morning written his first […]

Phil Cubeta Joins The American College

I missed this news from a month ago and wanted to mention it now. Phil Cubeta, who blogs at Gift Hub, has been named the new Sallie B. and William B. Wallace Chair in Philanthropy at The American College. The purpose of the chair is to raise the overall level of charitable giving by educating […]

Flashback: Carnivals, Podcasts & More

This week I’m reviewing the history of Tactical Philanthropy and digging through the archives. You can see Monday’s post for more background. One of the reasons I started Tactical Philanthropy was to have a platform to talk about philanthropy with other people. As a wealth manager, my professional network was not (prior to launching the […]

Flashback: Giving Blogs

I’m reviewing some of the early posts on Tactical Philanthropy this week. You can catch Monday’s posts for a little background on the history of this blog. Today I want to revisit Giving Blogs, a post I wrote on November 27, 2006. In this post I looked at the giving blog landscape and noted how […]