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Tactical Philanthropy Guest Blogger: Jacob Harold

I’m going on vacation next week in the California wine country and the place my family is staying at only has dial-up web access. *Gasps of fear from the audience*. So while I’m gone, I’ll be handing over Tactical Philanthropy to Jacob Harold, a program officer at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Jacob works […]

The Philanthropic Family

My friend Sharon Schneider, a philanthropic director at Foundation Source, has launched a new blog called The Philanthropic Family. From the Christmas photo of her and her extended family on the masthead, to the tag line, “infusing everyday life with the love of humanity”, Sharon makes it clear that this is a very personal blog […]

Millennials as Social Citizens

The Millennials are coming!! Millennials (or Generation Y), the generation coming of age in the new millennium, have been derided as having “helicopter parents” being “boomerang kids”, having an excessive sense of self-worth and generally being a pain in the butt in the corporate world. But they are also volunteering like mad. USA Today reports […]

The Growing Blog Team

After the success of last year’s One Post Challenge, I thought that putting together a large blog team for the upcoming Council on Foundations conference might lead to a more dynamic conversation. So far, the list of people signing up has been excellent. You can read some background on what I’m looking for here and […]

Tactical Philanthropy Blogger Team

A quick update on the blogger team I’m building for the Council on Foundations conference. Right now the team includes Jacob Harold of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Paul Shoemaker of Social Venture Partners and Sara Melillo of the McCormick Tribune Foundation. Do you have something to say about philanthropy? Would you like to […]

“a fundraiser” Writing for the The NonProfit Times

In what I think is a coup for The NonProfit Times, the paper today launched an online column authored by “a fundraiser”, the anonymous author of the blog Don’t Tell The Donor. The paper says they know the identity of the blogger who they say is anonymous, “because the author is well known in the […]

Information Sharing in Philanthropy

I wrote a post a while ago called Paul Brest Needs a Blog (Paul is the head of the Hewlett Foundation). I’ve been an advocate for more people in philanthropy to start blogging in general. In the above mentioned post I wrote: So why should foundations blog? It seems to me that the imperative is […]

Blogs as a Public Commons

When you interact with Tactical Philanthropy or any other blog in the comments section, you are engaging in public speaking. Proof of this comes from this weeks Chronicle of Philanthropy, which quotes me by republishing comments I posted to the GiveWell blog. The story in question is the cover story, which provides an extensive overview […]

And The Winner Is…

Surprise, surprise, the post $500 For Your Nonprofit won, no… absolutely dominated, the One Post Challenge. Regarding whether the post actually furthered the online philanthropy conversation, I will note that a number of people who were drawn to Tactical Philanthropy to vote for their charity stuck around and commented on other posts. Without further ado […]

Blogs Aren’t For Everyone

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from an anonymous writer named “S”. S works in communications at a large California-based foundation and has worked in the philanthropy sector for more than a decade. By “S” You know what? Blogs aren’t for everyone. I get so tired of hearing how important it is to […]