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Giving Circles

This is my latest column for the Financial Times. You can find an archive of past columns here. Social circles with a square deal for charity By Sean Stannard-StocktonSeptember 30, 2008 | Original LinkGiving circles are a hot trend in philanthropy. Similar to the investment clubs of the 1990s that brought people together to […]

New York Times Giving Section

I never got around to commenting on the NY Times Giving Section. As always it was full of a ton of interesting articles, notable Stephanie Strom on the trend towards foundations “spending down” rather than existing forever, an overview of blogs effect on fundraising citing GiveWell, The Agitator and Trent Stamp (and a list of […]

New Philanthropic Practices and the Changing Environment for Philanthropy

I’m at the Investors’ Circle conference all day yesterday and today so I just have a quick post. The Aspen Institute’s Nonprofit Sector Research Fund has a new grantmaking initiative called An Evolving Field: Research on New Philanthropic Practices and the Changing Environment for Philanthropy. They are trying to “develop new knowledge that encourages strategic […]

Giving Circles II

Today brings another article about giving circles quoting our friend Daria Teutonica: “Our database has doubled in the last two years from 220 giving circles to 400," says Daria Teutonica, director, New Ventures in Philanthropy, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers in Washington, D.C., a nonprofit dedicated to growing philanthropy in the United States "The […]

Lisa Kays

From Lisa Kays of Washington Area Women’s Foundation in follow up to my Giving Circle post: From attending our workshops here, and listening to giving circle members talk, I think this is one of the greatest benefits they feel from giving through a circle–the personal emotional and intellectual interplay that ensues from negotiating, discussing, persuading […]

Giving Circles

If giving circles represented a for-profit market opportunity, I’d be saying that the  Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers and the Washington Area Women’s Foundation (WAWF) were cornering the market. Every time the mainstream media covers giving circles you find quotes or mentions of these two organizations. Today’s Wall Street Journal article “When Small Donors […]

The Giving Carnival: Edition Two

The second edition of The Giving Carnival is underway and the topic is Resources for Donors. Tom Williams gives us an in depth explanation of, his donor/fundraiser social networking site. Holden at The GiveWell Blog explains why his GiveWell project is proudly not part of the Web 2.0 crowd. Paul Botts discusses the “long […]

Giving Circles Part III

The Washington Post ran a first person article by a member of a giving circle on Sunday (hat tip to Larry Checco of Checco Communications). Claudia Thorne of the African American Women’s Giving Circle writes about the joy of participating in a giving circle. You can read the full article here. I’ve highlighted a couple […]

Giving Circles Part II

I’d like to thank both Lisa Kays of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation Blog and Angela Eikenberry (who’s research on giving circles I discussed last month) for sending me a link to The Giving Circles Knowledge Center: "Throughout history, passionate individuals have joined together to make life better in their communities. Today, thousands of donors […]

Tactical Analysis: Donor Advised Funds

So far we’ve gone through the first four steps of the Tactical Philanthropy process. You can click on the links to read about Goal Establishment, Legacy Planning, Asset Analysis, and Tactical Analysis. After giving an overview of the Tactical Analysis step, I gave a case study. Today I am going to talk about the second […]