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Philanthropedia & Tactical Philanthropy Advisors Announce Collaboration

I am very pleased to announce that Tactical Philanthropy Advisors will be collaborating with Philanthropedia to realize our vision of a “Tactical Philanthropy Knowledge Network” through the launch of a new project called Expertise on Demand. If you are a major donor, philanthropy advisor, foundation, or expert interested in the Expertise on Demand beta, please […]

New Project to Share the Lessons of the Social Innovation Fund

In my writing on the Social Innovation Fund I’ve repeated stressed the idea that the big promise of the Fund is the opportunity it has to shape the practice of philanthropy by focusing attention on evidence-based grantmaking. So I’m thrilled to hear that Grantmakers for Effective Organizations has launched a $4 million, three-year project called […]

GuideStar Launches Expert Nonprofit Reviews

Last year, GuideStar, Charity Navigator, GiveWell, Philanthropedia, GreatNonprofits and Philanthropy Action put out a joint press release announcing their rejection of overhead expense ratios as the primary approach to evaluating nonprofits. GuideStar was a little bit of an odd group to sign the press release, because while they provide information about nonprofits, they do not […]

Monitor Institute & The Future of Philanthropy

On Thursday, I had the great pleasure of attending an all day workshop on the future of philanthropy hosted by the Monitor Institute. The session was so stimulating that I have page after page of potential blog post concepts I scribbled down over the course of the day. I know that I’ll never get around […]

Philanthropedia: Capturing Expert Recommendations of Nonprofits

This is my newest column for the Chronicle of Philanthropy. You can find the archive of my past columns here. A Philanthropic Network Passes On Recommendations of Worthy Charities March 7, 2010 | Chronicle of Philanthropy In all the talk about measuring results in philanthropy and how best to determine which nonprofit groups are effective, […]

The Cost of Information Sharing in Philanthropy

My last post on the way that information has different characteristics in the social sphere compared to the for-profit sphere, generated a string of reader comments. The comments covered a lot of ground and I encourage you to check them out here. But one recurring theme pointed to the costs of sharing information being something […]

Does Information Want to be Free in Philanthropy?

One of the issues I write about frequently is “information sharing in philanthropy.” My basic argument is that because the social sector is trying to create value that accrues to the public, individuals actors in the sector can enhance their total impact by sharing what they know with other actors. However, my argument also has […]

Surfacing Great Social Entrepreneurs

Last year I wrote about the Social Entrepreneurship API and how it could make it easier for donors to “follow the smart money”: In financial markets there is “smart money” and “dumb money”. These rather crude phrases refer to the fact that certain types of investors tend to make good decisions and others tend to […]

Crowdsourcing the SoCap Conference

Within minutes of announcing that there would be a Tactical Philanthropy track at this year’s SoCap Conference we started getting emails from people who had suggestions for panels and speakers. So I’m glad to say that our plans for designing the track include soliciting your ideas and comments. Below you’ll find a number of session […]

The Role of Social Stock Exchanges

This is a guest post from Alex Rossides, the founder of Growth Philanthropy Network, the organization behind the Social Impact Exchange. Alex’s post is a follow up to my post last week profiling the Exchange and my post yesterday envisioning the future of social stock exchanges in the year 2033. By Alex Rossides Thanks to […]