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Alliance Magazine for Tactical Philanthropy Readers

Alliance magazine, published in the UK, is a gem of a philanthropy publication. Unfortunately, too few people in America know about. The current issue focuses on “Discontinuous thinking for a crisis” and is guest edited by Matthew Bishop of The Economist and author of the book Philanthrocapitalism. Personally, I think more people should be reading […]

Media Coverage of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors Launch

Many thanks to the Wall Street Journal and Chronicle of Philanthropy for covering our launch today! In the Wall Street Journal, by Shelly Banjo: Stannard-Stockton says he’s taking a different approach from many small philanthropic consultants and from large firms such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM) that […]

Video of The Philanthropist Debate

The video from The Philanthropist debate has been edited into chapters so you can now skip around to each speaker: William Schambra starts things off. Tom Fontana describes the making of the show. Ian Wilhelm puts the show in context. Steve Gunderson explains why the Council on Foundations is concerned about the show. The Q&A […]

Philanthropy in a Post-Recession World

While in Washington DC last week I recorded an interview with Peter Panepento of the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Peter’s a great interviewer and his questions forced me to confront specific issues while being open ended enough to let me explore the context for the changes taking place. Does the Second Great Wave imply a rejection […]

William Schambra Reviews The Philanthropist

As most of you know, on Tuesday I’ll be at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC debating the relevancy of the new NBC show The Philanthropist. Seats are running out to attend the debate, but you can still register here. You’ve probably read my review. You can read panelist Steve Gunderson’s, the CEO of Council […]

Hit TV Shows & Popular Fields of Study

Could NBC drama The Philanthropist lead to a surge of college students seeking to major in international development, philanthropy and nonprofit management? It might seem like a long shot, but consider the case of the hit TV series CSI. According to this CBS News report from 2003 headlined “CSI Spurs Forensic Academics”: Admissions director Brian […]

Debating NBC Drama The Philanthropist

Last month the Council on Foundations CEO Steve Gunderson released a public statement condemning the new NBC drama The Philanthropist. I followed up the next day with my own review of the premier and argued that it was really quite good. Now, thanks to the Hudson Institute’s Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal and […]

The Philanthropist

The new NBC drama, The Philanthropist is… really quite good! Now look, it is easy to criticize the show. It isn’t perfect. But this is prime time entertainment, not a documentary. I’ll probably lose a little street cred in professional philanthropy circles, but gosh darn it I really enjoyed it! There are two keys to […]

Council on Foundations Statement on The Philanthropist

Steve Gunderson, the CEO of the Council on Foundations has just released a statement regarding The Philanthropist, the NBC drama that premiers tonight on NBC. I think Steve is probably right in much of what he says and his point that The Philanthropist is to philanthropy what The Pink Panther is to police work is […]

Using Social Entrepreneurs to Sell Chips

Companies have long put images of celebrities on their products in order to sell more. The idea is that the celebrity has credibility with consumers and that by appearing on a product, the credibility gets transferred to the product. Companies like Procter & Gamble and Pepsi have become masters of “branding”: the art of giving […]