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Philanthropy: Spending Vs. Investing

One of the big shifts that is occurring in philanthropy is a change in the way donors perceive how charitable giving fits into their overall financial picture. The most fundamental aspect of this shift is a movement from seeing giving as a “spending category” to seeing it as an “investment category”. There are a number […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Mark Kramer

Today’s post cast is with Mark Kramer of FSG Social Advisors. Mark and I talk about mission aligned investing, information sharing in philanthropy and whether achieving social impact means limiting financial returns. My favorite line from the interview, “I’ve actually talked to a couple foundation CEOs who, when I’ve said what was your greatest achievement, […]

For-profits Asking Nonprofits for Money

In a fully functioning financial market, money flows to where it produces the highest return. My focus is on how to make the philanthropic marketplace more efficient, since the for-profit market is at least adequately efficient. But the two are not really separate. In the future, I expect them to be much more interrelated. Here’s […]

Vocabulary and the Importance of Framing

Here we are debating the word nonprofit and the newish KLD blog is asking for a new phrase to replace “antitrust” (Antitrust laws are commonly understood to outlaw monopolies): So, we now have a term – antitrust – unrelated to any contemporary experience or practice. Its meaninglessness inhibits public debate on the two concepts underlying […]

Social Return on Investment

When an investor makes an investment, they can calculate their return with absolute precision. How much money did she put in, how much did she get back and how long did it take? That’s it. The answers are all numerical and can be calculated out to the fifth decimal place. But what about the Social […]

Social Finance Careers

The Forex Blog brings us a really nice intro to careers in social finance. If you’re a Tactical Philanthropy reader who is in college or thinking about moving into social finance, this article is a great primer: If you’re interested in a financial career, you might be curious about how your interests can lead to […]

Social Capital Markets

Hat tip to Kevin Jones of who points us to an excellent article in Alliance Magazine about the coming social capital markets: Social capital markets are coming, though the landscape remains messy, incomplete and uncertain. If you cut your teeth on grassroots activism in the mines of Fife, the streets of Dhaka or the […]

KLD Blog

KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. is an independent investment research firm providing management tools to professionals integrating environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) into their investment decisions. I saw their co-founder Peter Kinder (who also co-founded Domini Social Investments) speak at this year’s Investors’ Circle conference. Last week KLD launched a new blog, which is […]

Mission Related Investing

Lucy Bernholz suggested recently that we should radically scale back the preferential tax treatment given to private foundations. Lucy: And here’s a thought – we should align the tax benefits for charitable giving with the amount of money that actually goes to charity. For example, the full corpus of an endowment is exempt from taxes, […]