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This archive lists podcasts and videos related to Sean Stannard-Stockton and Tactical Philanthropy. You will find Sean’s podcast interviews with social sector leaders (which ran from February 2007 to June 2008), video of Tactical Philanthroy Forum events and video from some of Sean’s speaking engagements.

Tactical Philanthropy Forum Video

The video of the Tactical Philanthropy Forum is now available on You can watch the first 15 minutes of the event via the embedded video or jump below to read about viewing the full hour long program and accessing specific segments. You can watch the full video here. If you want to jump around, […]

SoCap2008 Video

The good people at were at SoCap and filmed a number of sessions. This is the video of the session I moderated on New Wealth Management. The audio is fine on the video, but the mics only fed to the camera, so the large, packed room had trouble hearing us at first. That’s why […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Brian Gallagher

Today’s podcast is with Brian Gallagher, CEO of the United Way of America. In the interview, Brian discusses how United Way is transitioning from a fundraising organization to having a focus on community impact. He comments on the prediction I made in the Chronicle of Philanthropy that the nonprofit field would adopt a United Way […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Mark Kramer

Today’s post cast is with Mark Kramer of FSG Social Advisors. Mark and I talk about mission aligned investing, information sharing in philanthropy and whether achieving social impact means limiting financial returns. My favorite line from the interview, “I’ve actually talked to a couple foundation CEOs who, when I’ve said what was your greatest achievement, […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Fred Krupp

Today’s podcast is with Fred Krupp of Environmental Defense Fund. Fred has been the leader of EDF since he took over in 1984 at age 30. Known for embracing partnerships with corporations and advocating market based solutions, EDF has become a powerful force in the environmental movement. Last year, Fred was named by U.S. News […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Alberto Ibarguen

Today’s podcast interview is with Alberto Ibarguen, the CEO of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The Knight Foundation has its roots in the newspaper business and today makes grants that transform journalism and communities. Alberto was publisher of the Miami Herald before he joined the foundation in 2005. During the interview, Alberto […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Phil Buchanan

Launch Podcast Today’s podcast is with Phil Buchanan, executive director of the Center for Effective Philanthropy. The mission of the Center for Effective Philanthropy is to provide management and governance tools to define, assess, and improve overall foundation performance. As the Center’s first executive director, Phil has led the organization to play an increasingly important […]

Forces For Good Podcast

Launch Podcast Today’s podcast is with Heather McLeod Grant and Leslie Crutchfield, the authors of the new book Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits. Forces for Good examines the characteristics of nonprofits that are achieving high impact. Heather’s been an advisor to the Center for Social Innovation at Stanford, as well as […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Robert Egger

Launch Podcast Today’s interview is with Robert Egger. Robert is a driving force behind the Nonprofit Primary Project and is the Founder and President of the DC Central Kitchen. During the interview, Robert explains the political clout of the nonprofit sector, says it is an urban myth that nonprofits cannot be political involved, and calls […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Cheryl Dahle

Launch Podcast Today’s interview is with Cheryl Dahle. Cheryl was employee number 24 at Fast Company Magazine and spearheaded the launch of the Fast Company Social Capitalist Awards. During the interview, Cheryl talks about mainstream media coverage of philanthropy, the importance of social enterprises and the challenges faced by nonprofits that try to grow rapidly. […]