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This archive lists podcasts and videos related to Sean Stannard-Stockton and Tactical Philanthropy. You will find Sean’s podcast interviews with social sector leaders (which ran from February 2007 to June 2008), video of Tactical Philanthroy Forum events and video from some of Sean’s speaking engagements.

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Stacy Palmer Interview

Launch Podcast Today I’m happy to present the delayed podcast with Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Stacy was involved in founding the paper in 1988, the leading newspaper in the philanthropic sector. During the interview, I ask her about her thoughts on philanthropy blogs, the Chronicle’s plans for their own blogs, the […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: James Canales Interview

Launch Podcast Today’s interview is with James Canales. Jim is president and CEO of the James Irvine Foundation, a 1.7 billion dollar private foundation dedicated to expanding opportunity for the people of California. You can read a complete background report on Jim here (feel free to add your own background notes via the comments). Briefly: […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: William Schambra

Launch Podcast Today’s interview is with William Schambra, director of Hudson Institute’s Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal. Bill is definitely the most controversial person I’ve featured in the podcast series, a fact that you’ll need to know to follow the comments that I’m sure will be coming. Part of what gets certain people’s […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: William Thomson

Launch Podcast Today’s interview is with William Thomson, Andrew Carnegie’s great-grandson. In our conversation we discuss the just announced winners of this year’s Andrew Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, what William’s great-grandfather would have thought of today’s “new philanthropists”, why philanthropists need to “court risk” the blurring of the lines between for-profit activity and philanthropy, and […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Paul Shoemaker Interview

Launch Podcast Today’s podcast marks a new chapter in my evolving attempt to facilitate cross-disciplinary conversations in the field of philanthropy. As I announced yesterday, interviewees will now be expected to participate in a discussion of the podcast topics in the days after each release. However, for this to be successful I need your help. […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Daniel-Ben Horin

Launch Podcast My guest today is Daniel Ben-Horin. Daniel is founder and president of CompuMentor and TechSoup, who are behind the NetSquared Conference. Daniel discusses the history of CompuMentor, how technology is transforming nonprofits, explains the vision behind NetSquared, and reflects on the use of “wisdom of crowd” techniques in philanthropy. Launch Podcast Expand this […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Jeff Martin Interview

Launch Podcast My guest today is Jeff Martin. Jeff is Director of Media Relations for the Council on Foundations. Jeff discusses the events that led up to bloggers being invited to attend the recent conference, plans to provide streaming video of conference sessions next year and the need for transparency to be embraced by foundations. […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Clara Miller

Launch Podcast Today’s interview is with Clara Miller. Clara is president and CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund. NFF helps nonprofits match their passion and dedication with financial strength and sustainability. They provide impartial analysis, and flexible, frequently unsecured financing that nonprofits typically can’t get from other sources. Clara was voted one of 2006’s Power and […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Peter Karoff

Launch Podcast Read Transcript Today’s interview is with Peter Karoff. Peter is chairman and founder of The Philanthropic Initiative. TPI is a nonprofit advisory team that designs, carries out, and evaluates philanthropic programs for individual donors, families, foundations, and corporations. Peter frequently speaks and writes on philanthropic and social issues, and is the author of […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Susan Raymond

Launch Podcast Read Transcript Today’s interview is with Susan Raymond. Susan is Senior Managing Director of Research Evaluation and Strategic Planning for Changing our World.  A leading consulting firm helping nonprofits and private and corporate philanthropists achieve their goals. She’s also chief analyst for, a global resource for nonprofit professionals. Susan is the author […]