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Tax Protection for Social Results, Not Social Missions

Lucy Bernholz had another though provoking post last week in which she suggested there should be some sort of “consumer protection” oversight of nonprofits and social businesses. “From the donors’ perspective we need something more than metrics and annual reports that cements the organization’s commitment to social good. Nonprofits have typically relied on (been given […]

Groupon’s Social Enterprise Pivot

Reader David Geihufe, who joined the debate around the Groupon as a social enterprise debate (part 1, part 2), points us to a recent TechCrunch post on the “pivots” of web companies. Joking that the word pivot has jumped the shark and should now only be used in mockery, TechCrunch illustrates the way web companies […]

Clara Miller to lead F.B. Heron Foundation

Clara Miller is the founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund. She has written extensively on how and why the nonprofit sector is undercapitalized. Clara is one of the most articulate advocates for philanthropy to provide growth capital to nonprofits. It was while he was at Clara’s Nonprofit Finance Fund that George Overholser published […]

Groupon’s G-Team: Social Enterprise or just Corporate Philanthropy?

My post on Friday speculating that Groupon could emerge as a multibillion dollar social enterprise was a hit on twitter and generated a number of responses. While much of the response was positive, one issue that bothered some people was my use of the term “social enterprise”. Reader David Geilhufe: “I think we need to […]

Groupon: A Billion Dollar Social Enterprise?

Groupon is the fastest growing company in history. Just two years after launching the company reportedly turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google. But what many people don’t know is that Groupon was launched by a social entrepreneur. Back in 2007, 26-year-old Andrew Mason was working away on a website called The Point. […]

Philanthropy Predictions: Giving in 2033

This is that time of year when people offer predictions for what will happen next year. Instead of just focusing on 2011, Lucy Bernholz, philanthropy’s resident futurist, has offered her thought for the next decade which you can read here. Following Lucy’s lead, I thought I offer my own predictions long term projection, so I’m […]

The Best Charity No One Has Heard Of

The GiveWell team has issued a challenge to the smart giving movement. Their top rated charity, Village Reach, consults on health system logistics in high-poverty, remote areas to help life-saving supplies get to those who need them. According to GiveWell’s analysis, Village Reach is able to do the most with donated dollars to demonstrably improve […]

Philanthropy’s Period of Rapid Innovation

One of the defining characteristics of a blog, that sets it apart from historical publishing models, is the conversational focus of the medium. If a “blog” just publishes items that talk about the author or their organization each day, that’s really just a newsletter. But when blog authors write about what other authors are discussing, […]

Impact-Centric Donors

My post on “issue-agnostic” donors struck a chord, with many readers and bloggers disagreeing with the concept. Much of a criticism focused on taking the argument to the logical extreme: Paul Brest of the Hewlett Foundation wrote: “[N]o donor is entirely issue agnostic. A donor who thought that his or her philanthropic dollars would have […]

Burning Bridges to Make Venture Philanthropy Work

This is a guest post by John MacIntosh of SeaChange Capital Partners, a nonprofit firm that arranges collaborative growth capital funding for outstanding nonprofits. By John MacIntosh I joined SeaChange Capital Partners after a career in venture capital. In my experience on the inside, the venture capital market is a dynamic system where three key […]