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More Googlization

My recent Chronicle of Philanthropy column was about the Googlization of Philanthropy and the ways in which third party web applications can effectively organize philanthropic data so long as social sector players digitize their knowledge and make it accessible. I specifically was not making the point that Google the company should dominate this process. But […]

The Googlification of Philanthropy

In early 2007, Carla Dearing, then the CEO of Community Foundations of America, wrote an op-ed in Worth magazine titled, “The Schwabification of Philanthropy.” Carla wrote: Today, donors bring increasing expectations to their philanthropy, including the need for complete information, varied opportunities for involvement and full accounting of outcomes. As a result, a new philanthropic […] & Superior Knowledge

About a month ago, Larry Brilliant announced the next chapter in the evolution of My sister, Jessica Stannard-Friel, covered the announcement on her blog Reimagining CSR. The New York Times also covered the story (although Jessica thought they misinterpreted the context of the changes). Today I want to look at the decisions that Google […]

NetSquared Mobile Challenge

Longtime readers of Tactical Philanthropy know that I’ve always been a fan of the NetSquared conference. From N2Y1, where I heard about some site called Facebook for the first time and was taught how to launch a blog. To N2Y2, a nonprofit “investment fair,” where the seemingly uncontroversial comment “some nonprofits just suck” by a […]

Information Filtering

I wrote yesterday about my new use of Twitter (you can follow me at @TactPhil). A lot of people who start using Twitter feel like “they can’t keep up” with all the postings. Sasha Dichter wrote yesterday about feeling “overwhelmed,” not just by Twitter, but my information overload in general. Sasha linked to this great video […]

Tactical Philanthropy on Twitter

Twitter is the first technology to make me feel old. As more and more people started using it, I kind of grumbled on the sidelines thinking “What can you say in 140 characters? Twitter doesn’t make any sense! Kids these days and all their newfangled technology drive me crazy!” Oops! Now I’m a Twitter fan. […]

Social Media, Influence & Dinosaurs

On Friday, Renata Rafferty wrote a guest post that resonated with a number of readers. In the post she suggests that the focus on “foundations and social venture/social entrepreneurship leaders” is misplaced and worried that “Those of “us” on the “cutting edge” of philanthropy” may be too busy navel gazing to realize that the majority […]

Renata Rafferty on Dinosaur Philanthropy

Philanthropy consultant Renata Rafferty, who Doris Buffett (Warren’s sister) says “is the class act of the charitable sector. Every major donor in the country should have the opportunity to hear [her] speak  — [she has] had an enormous impact on my foundation’s giving.”, responds to my last post. I have a hunch that her post […]

Influence, Philanthropy & Impact

In response to my post yesterday, philanthropy consultant Renata Rafferty writes (via Twitter): …"Dinosaur philanthropy" is still where’s it’s at and shouldn’t be ignored. Those with the gold are old and have barely mastered e-mail. Did you see the tweet with average user age for various social media sites? Influence may matter on a macro […]

Why Philanthropy Wins in a Web 2.0 Culture

The business world hasn’t yet figured out how to deal with the way that the web makes sharing information incredibly easy. From newspapers, to music labels to anything that can be digitized, the web has destroyed business models that rely on ownership and control of information. Almost all profits comes from the control of certain […]