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What’s it Like to Work for a Family Foundation?

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Elizabeth Miller. Elizabeth works as a Program Associate for The Overbrook Foundation, a New York City-based family foundation established in 1948 by Frank and Helen Altschul. Its mission is to improve the lives of people by supporting projects that protect human and civil rights, advance the […]

Left Brain, Right Heart

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Randy Ottinger. Randy is the author of Beyond Success: Building a personal, financial and philanthropic legacy. He is the founder of LMR Advisors, which provides strategic philanthropy and legacy advisory services to individuals, wealth advisory firms, and social enterprises. A longer version of this post is […]

The Futures of Philanthropy, Fundraising, and Advertising

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Peter Deitz. Peter writes a blog called About Micro-Philanthropy and is the founder of Social Actions, a community website that aggregates person-to-person fundraising campaigns and helps people to start their own. Deitz also works as a consultant to nonprofits and philanthropists interested in leveraging the power […]

Philanthropy Is Not Just A Word

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Wendy Bay Lewis. Wendy is a former lawyer, fundraiser, and nonprofit executive who is working on a book of essays about the lexicon shared by civic-minded, service-oriented, and philanthropically-inclined individuals.  Her blog, which shares the title of her book, The CivicMinded Companion, is a work space […]

Don’t Be Evil 2.0

This entry from the One Post Challenge comes from an anonymous writer who is a serial high-tech entrepreneur and startup investor and now focuses on angle investing and the nonprofit world. By Anonymous Don’t Be Evil 2.0 – The Fight for “Good” between Non-Profits, Social Enterprises and Responsible For-Profits I’m in my early 30’s and […]

I’m Moving to Erie PA!

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Dorian Adams. Dorian is the Publisher of Just Cause and the founder of Benefit Magazine. By Dorian Adams I’m Moving to Erie PA! For the last four years I’ve channeled my publishing background in creating media about philanthropy, making a difference, giving back, volunteering, social entrepreneurs, […]

Are We Killing Our Grantees?

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Suzanne Walsh. Suzanne is a program director at the Lumina Foundation for Education. She previously worked as a program officer at The Heinz Endowments. Says Suzanne, “Before joining the world of philanthropy I was on the “other side”, working in non-profits where my job entailed writing […]

The Necessity of Measurement

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Phil Deely. Phil is a nonprofit consultant at Deely & White and write the blog Strategic Governance, Philanthropy, and Planning. By Phil Deely The Necessity of Measurement, or, pour compendre il faut computer. [“To understand something we better start counting!”] I first ran into the debate […]

Creating a Generation of Digital Natives

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Daniel Ben-Horin. Daniel is the founder of CompuMentor/TechSoup, which puts on the NetSquared conference. Daniel has been named to the Nonprofit Times Power and Influence Top 50 a number of times. By Daniel Ben-Horin The bone I am gnawing on is about connecting these dots: * […]

One Post Challenge: Mo’ Money, No Problems

(Read to the bottom to catch the new “side bet” with prize money available to more contestants. I need your help to figure out how to award it.) Wow. If you haven’t left a comment on one of the One Post Challenge entries, one of the last two entries (here and here) will definitely give […]