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Information Sharing in Philanthropy

I wrote a post a while ago called Paul Brest Needs a Blog (Paul is the head of the Hewlett Foundation). I’ve been an advocate for more people in philanthropy to start blogging in general. In the above mentioned post I wrote: So why should foundations blog? It seems to me that the imperative is […]

Beyond Hacking Philanthropy

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Kevin Jones. Kevin is a principal at Good Capital and blogs at xchangexchange. By Kevin Jones There are events like Hacking philanthropy, where people try to come up with new ways to crack the code of giving. There are events like Josh Becker’s zero tradeoff conference […]

MIT Philanthropy Research & SeaChange Partners

It seems like everyone is talking about philanthropy these days. Before Freakonomics was published, no one would have guessed that economic theory could generate a series of best sellers. I wonder when the Tipping Point or Freakonomics of philanthropy will hit the scene? Today we have Ed Boyden, a professor at MIT speculating on philanthropic […]

Peace Primary & Nonprofit Research

The Ploughshares Fund is a public grantmaking foundation that focuses on “building a safer, more peaceful world”. To do that they make grants to organizations that they determine are the “smartest people with the best ideas”. While identifying high impact nonprofits can be difficult for individual donors, the Ploughshares Fund has expertise in their focus […]

Philanthropy Conversation Goes Digital

Here’s the story so far… In the March 31 issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Robert Egger authored the article, “Charities Must Challenge Politicians” which suggested that nonprofits must get more involved in politics. On June 4, a live online chat session was held between Egger and the public. The June 28 Chronicle of Philanthropy […]

The Power of Community Foundations

Lucy Bernholz, wrote an excellent article that was published in the San Francisco Chronicle this weekend: …And then there’s the extensive information that community foundations gather. Every day, nonprofit organizations and public agencies share proposed solutions with these foundations. Every day, generous individuals approach community foundations for help finding ways to meet their philanthropic goals. […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Daniel-Ben Horin

Launch Podcast My guest today is Daniel Ben-Horin. Daniel is founder and president of CompuMentor and TechSoup, who are behind the NetSquared Conference. Daniel discusses the history of CompuMentor, how technology is transforming nonprofits, explains the vision behind NetSquared, and reflects on the use of “wisdom of crowd” techniques in philanthropy. Launch Podcast Expand this […]

Citizen-Centered Civic Participation

The Case Foundation is engaging in an interesting experiment. They want you to help them decide where to give their money. (hat tip to Beth Kanter): Dear Friends: The Case Foundation is looking for external reviewers to assist with the first phase of a pilot grantmaking program that encourages citizen-centered civic participation. Given your experience […]

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Disruptive Innovations

From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $5 Million Available to Support Ideas That Transform Markets and Empower Consumers Submit your idea today! "Disruptive Innovations in Health and Health Care" is an open source competition to identify ways in which the health and health care marketplace can offer services, tools and choices that consumers want-but are […]