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The Role of Social Stock Exchanges

This is a guest post from Alex Rossides, the founder of Growth Philanthropy Network, the organization behind the Social Impact Exchange. Alex’s post is a follow up to my post last week profiling the Exchange and my post yesterday envisioning the future of social stock exchanges in the year 2033. By Alex Rossides Thanks to […]

Social Impact Exchange

The Social Impact Exchange is a new effort from Growth Philanthropy Network and Duke University with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Exchange is designed as a focal point for studying, funding and implementing large expansions of proven social purpose organizations. To that end the Exchange offers an “investment clearinghouse” (free registration needed) […]

Trust in Philanthropy

My colleague Bill Somerville talks a lot about trust in philanthropy. Bill feels that funders do not trust grantees enough and that the reams of paperwork required by funders is simply a mark of their lack of trust. To the cynical person, trusting someone is equivalent to being naive. Trusting someone can be criticized as […]

Social Innovation Fast Pitch

For-profit markets have mechanisms where groups of potential investment opportunities are vetted and then presented to potential investors. The success of this model, is that the potential investors come to the table looking for potential investments. This is radically different from most nonprofit fundraising interactions where the potential “investee” approaches the potential “investor” without having […]

Social Investing & The End of Charity

In my recent writing defining the difference between Tactical and Strategic Philanthropy, I’ve focused on the concept of the Strategic Philanthropist as a social problem solver and the Tactical Philanthropist as a social investor. So I’d like to draw your attention to an article by David Hunter in the brand new Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal […]

Unconstrained Philanthropy

Attendance at the 2nd annual Social Capital Markets Conference cleared 1,000 people representing a 70% increase over last year. Attendance at the 2009 Council on Foundations conference in May of this year was 1,200, a 35% decline from previous years. Something big is happening at Fort Mason in San Francisco. In just two short years […]

National Conference on Volunteering and Service

The National Conference on Volunteering and Service is getting a lot of buzz this week in San Francisco. Michele Obama is the keynote speaker and Maria Schriver, the first lady of California is speaking as well. What’s interesting to me is that there are a number of sessions on the relationship between philanthropy and services. […]

It sure does seem like new philanthropic/social ventures are popping up all the time. As BusinessWeek declared recently, there’s A Bull Market in Social Entrepreneurs. One of the recent entrants is At first glance, it looks like a knock off. But there is a hugely important difference. Whereas helps people make loans […]

Philanthropy’s Exit Strategy

Many people view the role of philanthropy as something akin to venture capital. Philanthropy is suppose to find promising new nonprofits and help them grow. But their is a missing piece in this analogy. Venture capitalists eventually sell their investments to later stage investors (who are interested not so much in startups, but in more […]

The Association of Nonprofit Analysts

New Philanthropy Capital is a the leading charity research group in the UK. They offer research on charities, advice for donors and advisors, and tools that help charities measure their own results. They do great work and selfishly I wish they would open US offices and start looking at US nonprofits. New Philanthropy Capital gets […]