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Social Return on Investment

When an investor makes an investment, they can calculate their return with absolute precision. How much money did she put in, how much did she get back and how long did it take? That’s it. The answers are all numerical and can be calculated out to the fifth decimal place. But what about the Social […]

Social Finance Careers

The Forex Blog brings us a really nice intro to careers in social finance. If you’re a Tactical Philanthropy reader who is in college or thinking about moving into social finance, this article is a great primer: If you’re interested in a financial career, you might be curious about how your interests can lead to […]

KLD Blog

KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. is an independent investment research firm providing management tools to professionals integrating environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) into their investment decisions. I saw their co-founder Peter Kinder (who also co-founded Domini Social Investments) speak at this year’s Investors’ Circle conference. Last week KLD launched a new blog, which is […]

The Giving Carnival: Edition One

I’m on vacation this week. This post originally appeared on January 23, 2007. This first edition of the Giving Carnival brought together many of the philanthropy bloggers. Bill Schambra created a panel discussion at the Hudson Institute about aligned investing after reading the Giving Carnival posts and invited Allison Fine and Lucy Bernholz to sit […]

Philanthropic Capital Allocation

My friend Daniel Ben-Horin, founder of CompuMentor/TechSoup (the nonprofit behind NetSquared), took issue with the “Some nonprofits just suck” comment of CompuMentor board member Mike Brown and my subsequent post on the subject. Daniel (this is an excerpt of his comment, read the whole thing here): Mike is my good friend and our Board member […]

Mission Related Investing

Lucy Bernholz suggested recently that we should radically scale back the preferential tax treatment given to private foundations. Lucy: And here’s a thought – we should align the tax benefits for charitable giving with the amount of money that actually goes to charity. For example, the full corpus of an endowment is exempt from taxes, […]

Tactical Philanthropy Podcast: Clara Miller

Launch Podcast Today’s interview is with Clara Miller. Clara is president and CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund. NFF helps nonprofits match their passion and dedication with financial strength and sustainability. They provide impartial analysis, and flexible, frequently unsecured financing that nonprofits typically can’t get from other sources. Clara was voted one of 2006’s Power and […]

Getting Xigi With It is pretty cool. Not only are they mapping the emerging philanthropic capital markets, but they are on their way to becoming the first stop for anyone who wants to understand who is involved in the new philanthropic landscape. I got this email from the founders this week and encourage you to check them out […]

Socially Responsible Investing

OnPhilanthropy has an essay posted titled “Socially Responsible Investing: A Foundation’s Duty?”. Personally, I wonder how investing in a generic “socially responsible” fund does anything to further the mission of most foundations. I do see how doing so might make a foundation board feel like they were doing something. But the fact that the essay […]

Jed Emerson Podcast Interview

Launch Podcast Read Transcript Today I am happy to release the first interview of the new Tactical Philanthropy Podcast series. Every other Friday I will be releasing an interview with someone involved in philanthropy. Today’s interview is with Jed Emerson, who has done some fascinating work on Blended Value. You can click here to listen […]