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Best Philanthropy Books

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is building the “Ultimate Philanthropy Bookshelf” and looking to crowdsource recommendations. We’ve started discussions on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to collect your nominations for what should be included in the ultimate philanthropy bookshelf. We’ll collect those submissions and from them, we’ll create a new Web feature that spotlights your favorites. To […]

The Art of Giving: What is Your Legacy?

I think the vibrant response from the Tactical Philanthropy community to Wednesday’s guest post from Charles Bronfman and Jeffrey Solomon caught them a little off guard. In a comment following up on 30+ reader comments, Jeff wrote “Wow! Got off a plane after midnight to discover this fascinating conversation.” The plan today was to run […]

The Art of Giving: Getting Started

Today I’d like to present a condensed excerpt from the first chapter of The Art of Giving: Where the Soul Meets the Business Plan, the new book by Charles Bronfman and Jeffrey Solomon. Yesterday, Mr. Bronfman and Mr. Solomon offered a guest post that stimulated 25+ comments. On Friday, they will offer a set of […]

The Art of Giving: Part I

An important new philanthropy book has hit bookstores nation wide. The Art of Giving: Where the Soul Meets a Business Plan, by Charles Bronfman and Jeffrey Solomon (Chairman and President of The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies respectively) is one of the best books I’ve read that captures the knowledge of professional grantmakers and distills […]

Intuition & Emotions on Par with Logic

Until very recently, fields of human study such as economics made the assumption that people were “rational”. That they could be counted on to make decisions that were in their best interest. In a century dominated by the rise of physics, computers and other “hard” sciences, logic and the triumph of the left brain over […]

COF: Atlanta’s "Beloved Community"

From May 2 – May 7, the Tactical Philanthropy Blog Team will be covering the Council on Foundations conference from Atlanta. The individual blog team members represent a range of opinions and have been given no editorial directions. The opinions expressed in these posts do not necessarily represent the opinions of Sean Stannard-Stockton. By Catherine […]

Strategic Giving by Peter Frumkin

I just finished reading Peter Frumkin’s Strategic Giving. The book came out in 2006 and the 35 pages of notes and 25 page bibliography will scare away a lot of readers. But Strategic Giving is one of the best philanthropy books I’ve read. I don’t usually take notes while I read, but my copy of […]