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SoCap 2008: Securitizing Philanthropy

There is an irony in the fact that so much of the conversation at the SoCap conference is about moving philanthropy towards a financial markets approach that seems to be in the process of breaking down in the for-profit financial markets. However, we should not confuse financial innovation with excessive risk taking. I just read […]

SoCap 2008: Breaking Silos in Philanthropy

At SoCap today, I had to decide between a session titled Breaking Silos and one called Capital Cohabitation that was described as being about “how to break down silos”. Yesterday I published a post about… you guessed it, how important it is that we “break out of our silos”. The SoCap Conference is shockingly cross-disciplinary […]

SoCap 2008: New Wealth Management Panel

I just moderated what ended up being a standing room only session at SoCap 2008. Don’t tell the fire marshal, but the the audience was a exponentially larger than the room posted limit of 49. It was actually rather exciting to see the “demand” side of equation for social investments beyond capacity and to see […]