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Transparency Controversy at the Social Innovation Fund

During the run up to the Social Innovation Fund grantmaking process, I was highly supportive of the Fund. The one area of criticism I had was around the level of transparency. In my interview with Paul Carttar, the head of the Fund, I was disappointed to learn that the Fund had no plans to publish […]

Builders, Buyers & the Social Innovation Fund

On Friday afternoon, Nathaniel Whittemore of the Social Entrepreneurship blog sent me an email questioning the enthusiasm in my recent post about the Social Innovation Fund (SIF). Nathaniel is someone whose opinion I greatly respect and his points of contention were very valid. So I sent him back a detailed response, which (with his permission) […]

Social Innovation Fund Announces Grantees

I’m thrilled with the Social Innovation Fund’s newly announced list of grantees. In many ways, the results read like my personal wish list for how I thought they should approach their decision. The Fund has announced 11 intermediary grantees, who will select subgrantees to receive the final funding. The full list is here. In the […]

New Project to Share the Lessons of the Social Innovation Fund

In my writing on the Social Innovation Fund I’ve repeated stressed the idea that the big promise of the Fund is the opportunity it has to shape the practice of philanthropy by focusing attention on evidence-based grantmaking. So I’m thrilled to hear that Grantmakers for Effective Organizations has launched a $4 million, three-year project called […]

Social Innovation Fund Update

Last week, the Corporation for National and Community Service held a conference call to provide an update on the Social Innovation Fund now that the deadline for submitting an application has passed. I was unable to attend the call, but my friend Adin Miller called in on my behalf. Adin has been tracking the Fund […]

Missed Opportunities for Social Innovation Fund?

When I spoke with new Social Innovation Fund director Paul Carttar earlier this week, he said that he appreciated the many voices that have commented on the Fund here at Tactical Philanthropy. Personally I think that reader Adin Miller has consistently offered some of the most interesting comments. In today’s guest post, Adin lays out […]

Social Innovation Fund Names New Director

The Corporation for National and Community Service announced today that they have named Paul Carttar as director of the Social Innovation Fund. To my surprise and great honor, Paul called me yesterday to say that he and his team have been reading my commentary on the Fund here at Tactical Philanthropy and to fill me […]

Social Innovation Fund Finalizes Guidelines

Key Points The final Social Innovation Fund guidelines recognize the limited availability of evidence in the social sector. The guidelines lower the minimum grant size to broaden the range of grantmakers who can apply. The Social Innovation Fund offers a chance for smart grantmakers to demonstrate effective philanthropy on a national stage and influence public […]

My Comments on the Social Innovation Fund

These are the comments I submitted today regarding the draft NOFA for the Social Innovation Fund. Thanks to the many people who submitted comments for publication here at Tactical Philanthropy. The in depth comments from readers greatly informed my own comments. To the Corporation for National and Community Service, Attention: Stephanie Soper: Key Points The […]

Cheryl Dorsey & Paul Schmitz on the Social Innovation Fund

In mid December, the Corporation for National & Community Service released a Draft Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) for the Social Innovation Fund. They are now accepting public comment on the document until January 15 (simply email your comments to Until that date, I’ve opened the Tactical Philanthropy blog as a public forum for […]