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Tactical Philanthropy: The Next Chapter

When I launched the Tactical Philanthropy blog in 2006, I never would have guessed where it was going to go. The twists and turns and near “soap opera” quality of the narrative as I’ve chronicled the rolling Second Great Wave of Philanthropy have been fascinating to me and luckily have captured the interest of a […]

Tactical Philanthropy Redesign & Business Update

Welcome to the redesigned Tactical Philanthropy! If you are reading this via an RSS feed or an email update, please click here to view the site. The first eight months of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors has been going well. We’re growing and bring on new clients. But most importantly, we’re learning what works and what doesn’t. […]

BusinessWeek on Effective Philanthropy

The Current edition of BusinessWeek includes a story on effective philanthropy that highlights Tactical Philanthropy Advisors and many of the charity evaluation groups that I write about regularly. Rethinking Ways to Give Wisely By Amy Feldman …At least a half-dozen groups have come up with different answers to the question of how to help donors […]

Tactical Philanthropy Forum Update

Just a quick notice that there are only nine tickets left for the Tactical Philanthropy Forum event on January 20 in San Francisco. In this session of the Tactical Philanthropy Forum we will introduce the concept of Unconstrained Philanthropy. Should donors and funders see their role as one of correcting and optimizing existing social systems […]

Tactical Philanthropy Advisors in the San Francisco Business Times

The San Francisco Business Times has a nice write up of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors today (subscription required): A new kind of philanthropy advisory firm for high net worth individuals has taken root in an understated Burlingame office park. …Whereas philanthropy consultants work on specific projects, Tactical Philanthropy Advisors operates more like a traditional wealth manager, […]

Social Entrepreneur API

The Social Entrepreneur API from Social Actions launched at the SoCap Conference. The Social Entrepreneur API (Application Programming Interface) is the first open database of information about social entrepreneurs who have won fellowships and awards from social enterprise funders. The current API includes awards made by Civic Ventures, The Draper Richards Foundation, ideablob, PopTech, The […]

Our Social Impact

One of the frequent questions I got when I was telling people about my plans for Tactical Philanthropy Advisors, was why it was a for-profit instead of a nonprofit. In our FAQ section we answer this question: We chose a for-profit legal structure because we believe doing so gives us a competitive advantage in hiring […]

The Tactical Philanthropy Knowledge Network

Next week, I’ll get back to blogging about philanthropy more generally. But if I can take your time this week to tell you about our new firm, I would greatly appreciate it. At Tactical Philanthropy Advisors, we think of ourselves as guides to the philanthropic world. We play the role that Jacob Harold of the […]

Re-bundling Philanthropy Services

In many ways, Tactical Philanthropy Advisors represents an attempt to create a new platform for philanthropy advising. The key to understanding what we’re doing is to understand how we’re working with Schwab Charitable, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund®, Calvert Giving Fund and Foundation Source. In 1992, the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund launched as the first national, […]

Media Coverage of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors Launch

Many thanks to the Wall Street Journal and Chronicle of Philanthropy for covering our launch today! In the Wall Street Journal, by Shelly Banjo: Stannard-Stockton says he’s taking a different approach from many small philanthropic consultants and from large firms such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM) that […]