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Phil Cubeta Joins The American College

I missed this news from a month ago and wanted to mention it now. Phil Cubeta, who blogs at Gift Hub, has been named the new Sallie B. and William B. Wallace Chair in Philanthropy at The American College. The purpose of the chair is to raise the overall level of charitable giving by educating […]

Tactical Philanthropy in the San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle used the phase “tactical philanthropy” on the front page of the paper yesterday. Interest blossoms in point-click philanthropySeveral times a year, Heidi Hess and James Rucker of San Francisco go online, PayPal style, and redirect their wealth to their favorite charities. They are tactical philanthropists – part of a growing group […]

The Altruistic vs. Financially Pragmatic Donor

In December, Bank of America and The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University published The Bank of America Study of High Net-Worth Philanthropy. In the report is a section which contrasts the giving behavior of Altruistic Donors and Financially Pragmatic Donors. My question, which is an overarching theme of how I work with donors at […]

Time to take a hard-nosed look at giving

My most recent column for the Financial Times was published last weekend. You can find it on the Financial Times site here. Time to take a hard-nosed look at giving By Sean Stannard-Stockton Published January 5, 2008|Available on Every end is a new beginning. Having said goodbye to 2007, now is the time to […]

Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s Thrilling Move

I have a friend who emails me every time I complain that big foundations are not more innovative to say “But Sean, look at the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation!” He’s right. I first heard EMCF CEO Nancy Roob speak at a Council on Foundations meeting. She co-presented with Clara Miller of the Nonprofit Finance Fund […]

Charitable Lead Trust Trend

My most recent column in the Financial Times discusses the coming boom in charitable lead trusts and how they can be used to prepare children for responsible oversight of wealth. I don’t write the headline of my columns, so I laughed out loud when I saw the headline writer had titled my column “Children need […]

Philanthropic Planning Models

Phil Cubeta recently had an insightful post about the three types of “advisors” that philanthropic families usually turn to for help: People use the same terms to describe different things.  When I ask those who call themselves philanthropic planners to describe their process they all say, I meet with clients to set goals. Then we […]

Donor Advised Fund Advice

The August 5 episode of Fundraising Success, the philanthropy focused radio show of NPR member station WXEL, is now available on their podcast page. In this episode of my weekly segment, called Tactical Philanthropy, which focuses on the tactics of charitable giving, I explain donor advised funds. Give it a listen, my segment begins at […]

Private Foundation Advice

The July 29 episode of Fundraising Success, the philanthropy focused radio show of NPR member station WXEL, is now available on their podcast page. This episode marks the first interview I recorded for what is now a weekly segment called Tactical Philanthropy that focuses on the tactics of charitable giving. This week I talk about […]

The Practice of Philanthropy

This has to be the only philanthropy blog that never discusses any particular cause. It’s not just that I don’t advocate for particular causes, it’s that causes just don’t even make it into the daily discourse. That’s because I’m interested in the practice of philanthropy. Sure, I have causes that I personally care about, but […]