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Three Minutes with Lowell Weiss

Meet Lowell Weiss. He’s been a speech writer for Al Gore and Bill Clinton, worked at the Gates Foundation, consulted with Paul Brest and is a close confidant of Mario Marino. Tactical Philanthropy readers might remember him for his memorable phrase “synthesizing generalists” to describe great philanthropy advisors. Today he runs Cascade Philanthropy Advisors.

Three Minutes with Paul Shoemaker

Recently I introduced the newest Tactical Philanthropy feature: Three Minutes. The idea is to introduce readers to the many, many characters that make up the world of philanthropy. Last week, I featured Melinda Tuan. The video quality was good, because I caught up with Melinda in a quite conference room with good lighting. Today’s video […]

Three Minutes with Melinda Tuan

In my travels I run across a lot of really interesting people working in the field of philanthropy. While reading someone’s work or reading about someone can give you a sense of who they are, meeting them in person gives you a much deeper understanding of who they really are. So today I’m launching a […]