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Bill Gates’ Annual Letter & Brilliant Video

In the wealth management business, many money managers write quarterly or annual letters to their investors. Far from simple boilerplate memos, these letters are read closely by investors and seen as important sources of knowledge. Philanthropy has a little bit of this dynamic, but not much. For the most part, foundation annual reports are ignored […]

Communicating Evidence to Drive Social Change

Many people tend to have a sense that things were better in the past. Yet most all data of social welfare show a strong positive trend over time. Take crime rates. Most of us tend to feel that the world is a more dangerous place than it use to be. But actual crime statistic show […]

I Am A Philanthropist

I guess the holidays make me sappy… but I rather liked this. (Click here to see the video if you are reading this in an email) Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for reading Tactical Philanthropy!

Sean Stannard-Stockton Talks Social Capital Markets Conference

Here’s a brief video interview with me talking about the upcoming Social Capital Markets conference and the Tactical Philanthropy track that I am curating. Hope to see you there! You can still register for the conference, October 4-6 in San Francisco, here. Click here to watch the video if you are viewing this in an […]

Nonprofits Are Businesses

One of the most bizarre criticisms of the Giving Pledge is the idea that it will hurt the economy. For example Forbes columnist John Tamny writes: “But while it’s exciting to contemplate the giving nature of Gates and Buffett, if their true desire is to help their fellow man, they should hoard every penny of […]

“New” Philanthropy & The Charleston

The idea that “new” philanthropy exists is controversial. While many people claim that venture philanthropy or focusing on impact are characteristics of a “new” approach to philanthropy, many “new” practices were in fact pioneered by the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Fords of the world. However, I believe that something new really is happening in philanthropy. But […]

Are You Crazy Enough to Change the World?

Philanthropy is a funny sort of business. Its stated intention is to “change the world”, but then it goes about doing a multitude of things that don’t seem to have any real chance of reaching that goal. It’s as if as a field we were saying our goal was to climb Mount Everest, but we […]

Do Donors Care Whether Nonprofits Are Any Good?

Early this month, the British research and consulting firm YouGov released the results of a study on whether donors are interested in charity ratings.The report was headlined, ““Mixed response towards grading system for charities.” UK based New Philanthropy Capital, a nonprofit rating and philanthropy consulting organization, reflected on the results in a recent blog post: […]

Piano Stairs Wins Fantastic Video Contest

The attendees at the See Change inVision 2010 conference, a conference about using visual media for social change, viewed and voted on the four finalists in the Tactical Philanthropy Fantastic Video Contest last night. The winner was Piano Stairs, submitted by long time Tactical Philanthropy reader Kyle Reis of the Ford Foundation (please send him […]

The Power of Art & Video to Create a Shared Experience

I’ve got one more video to share. It didn’t quite make sense for it to be a part of the Fantastic Video Contest, but it is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I’ve rarely experienced the feeling of my jaw literally dropping, but this did it. The first minute and a half […]