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Fantastic Video Contest Finalists

Below are the four finalist for the Tactical Philanthropy Fantastic Video Contest. These video’s will be shown at the See Change inVision 2010 conference and the attendees will pick a winner. Thanks for everyone’s participation!

Tactical Philanthropy Fantastic Video Contest Finalists

I’ve updated the full list of submissions to the Fantastic Video Contest. You can find the list here (with some really good new submissions that didn’t make the finalist list). I’ve culled the list down to my favorite ten videos. Now I’d like to ask the Tactical Philanthropy community to vote for which three of […]

Tactical Philanthropy Fantastic Video Contest Update

Sometimes posts on this blog get picked up by the Tactical Philanthropy community and take on a life of their own. That’s what seems to be happen with our Fantastic Video Contest. Here’s what’s happening. First we are getting a strong response with videos of all sorts coming in from readers. You can find links […]

Tactical Philanthropy’s Fantastic Video Competition

In my public speaking, I’ve recently ditched Powerpoint and started using software called Prezi. There is a lot to like about Prezi, but one of my favorite features is how easy it is to embed video clips in my presentations. So today, I’m launching a little project to help me find the best videos on […]

Mirror Neurons & the Philanthropic Urge

I’ve long held that people give to charity not out of some calculated, self-interested motivation, but because we are empathetic animals who have evolved to help those around us. The discovery of Mirror Neurons, which show that our brains are wired to experience other people’s pain and joy as if it were our own has […]

McKinsey Learning for Social Impact Portal

McKinsey & Company is a leading global management consulting firm. Like other major consulting firms, McKinsey has a group that focuses on the social sector. In McKinsey’s case, they have a Social Sector Office. Recently, the Social Sector Office launched a new web portal called Learning for Social Impact. At the heart of the portal […]

Saving Philanthropy: The Documentary

A documentary film called Saving Philanthropy is currently under production. The subtitle is “Moving from charity to social investing before it’s too late.” From the website: “Saving Philanthropy is a documentary film exploring the issues confronting effective philanthropic giving, specifically those involving the funding of direct service organizations. The film contends that direct service organizations […]

Three Minutes with Melinda Tuan

In my travels I run across a lot of really interesting people working in the field of philanthropy. While reading someone’s work or reading about someone can give you a sense of who they are, meeting them in person gives you a much deeper understanding of who they really are. So today I’m launching a […]

Friday Afternoon Video

In many of the posts on this blog, I’ve explored the idea of uncertainty. I believe that there are limits to what is knowable. But rather than preventing us from taking action, we need to design approaches to life that allow us to take action anyway. One way people do this is to pretend they […]

Friday Afternoon Video

I happen to think that the grants philanthropists make are only one tool they can use to create social impact. An important and often under used tool is influence. Philanthropists that are doing good work and are willing to share what they know can’t help but build a “brand” that will allow them to directly […]