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Some Volunteers Are Better Than Other Volunteers

Well the National Conference on Volunteering and Service seemed to have a lot of buzz. From Michele Obama’s keynote address to Jon Bon Jovi performing for the crowd, I may have found the answer to my question from the Council on Foundations conference asking where are all the rock stars? The session I spoke at […]

National Conference on Volunteering and Service

The National Conference on Volunteering and Service is getting a lot of buzz this week in San Francisco. Michele Obama is the keynote speaker and Maria Schriver, the first lady of California is speaking as well. What’s interesting to me is that there are a number of sessions on the relationship between philanthropy and services. […]

Millennials as Social Citizens

The Millennials are coming!! Millennials (or Generation Y), the generation coming of age in the new millennium, have been derided as having “helicopter parents” being “boomerang kids”, having an excessive sense of self-worth and generally being a pain in the butt in the corporate world. But they are also volunteering like mad. USA Today reports […]

VolunteerMatch and the Social Capital Markets

Greg Baldwin, president of VolunteerMatch, read my article about the social capital markets of 2033 and sent me an email: I enjoyed your recent article in the Financial Times. I’m surprised our paths haven’t crossed yet. I don’t know how much you know about VolunteerMatch, but we’ve decided not to wait around until 2033 for […]

Not Just “Grant” Making

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Amy Sample Ward. Amy is a Communications and Learning Associate at the Meyer Memorial Trust. She authors MMT’s New Media Blog as well as a personal blog devoted to nonprofit technology. By Amy Sample Ward As the holiday season is now in full swing and many […]

Volunteers Who Do Not Show

This entry to the One Post Challenge comes from Chrissy Weeks. Chrissy is a paralegal at the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (“AVLF”) and President of the Georgia Association of Paralegals. By Chrissy Weeks “The world is run by those who show up!” This is not my quote I got it from somewhere and have to admit I […]