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While no longer writing the Tactical Philanthropy blog, Sean is still available for media interviews. Reporters wishing to interview Sean or reprint quotes from the Tactical Philanthropy blog can send him an email at Ensemble Capital Management. Please include your deadline and the topic you wish to discuss in your request.


3/30/12 – Financial Times: Philanthropy: Making it Meaningful Sean’s advice to donors on how to make sure their donations make a difference is profiled.

3/19/12 – Investment News: Lessons in Donor Due Diligence Sean offers advice on what donors should be looking for in nonprofits they support.

3/12/12 – CFA Institute Newsletter: Advising Trustees: The Five Biggest Pitfalls In this story about choosing a trustee, Sean is quoted on how he advises clients.

1/23/12 – Investment News: Charitable incentives at risk Sean advises donors to move this year to set up a private foundation or donor advised fund ahead of potential tax law changes.


11/18/11 – CFA Institute Newsletter: Low-Rate Environment Favors “Jackie O” Charitable Lead Trust Sean highlights the reasons why charitable lead trusts are more a more attractive tool for major donors then at any time in the past.

9/1/11 – Alliance Magazine: Inspiring, offputting or irrelevant? How do other donors see the Gates Foundation? In this article about how donors view the Gates Foundation, Sean’s comments are highlighted in the opening paragraph.

6/13/11 – Baltimore Sun: Crowdfunding allows everyone to be an arts patron Sean is quoted pointing out the high costs that crowdfunding can impose on the nonprofit sector.

4/11/11 – SmartMoney Magazine: 10 Things Fundraisers Won’t Say Sean is quoted in this behind the scenes look at how fundraisers think.


11/11/10 – New York Times: Pledge to Give Away Fortunes Stirs Debate Sean’s concept of a Second Great Wave of Philanthropy is referenced in this story along with him being quoted defending the Pledge.

10/18/10 – San Francisco Business Times: Local billionaires line up behind Buffett pledge A look at the Bay Area’s role in the Giving Pledge quotes Sean discussing those who have not signed the Pledge.

9/30/10 – Financial Times: Philanthropy: Enter the Strategists Tactical Philanthropy Advisors is mentioned in this article profiling the emergence of the philanthropy advisory field.

8/19/10 – NPR Member Station WHYY: Radio Times Sean is interviewed by host Marty Moss-Coane on the importance of the Giving Pledge.

8/6/10 – The Daily Telegraph: The dinner that cost Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and other celebrities billions Sean is quoted explaining why the philanthropy of millionaires is more influential than the philanthropy of billionaires.

8/6/10 – The Daily Beast: Where the Billions Will Go Sean’s concept of a Second Great Wave of Philanthropy is discussed in this article about where the Giving Pledge money will go.

8/6/10 – The Motley Fool: The best quotes from the financial world Sean’s comments on the Giving Pledge are listed in this monthly round up of the best quotes of the month in the financial world.

8/4/10 – Washington Times: Billionaires to give away fortunes Sean is quoted in this story about the Giving Pledge making the case that the Pledge will inspire everyday Americans to give more.

8/4/10 – CHQR AM 770: Calgary Today Sean was interviewed for the nightly news report on the meaning of the Gates/Buffett Giving Pledge.

7/23/10 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Wise Picks? Commentators Weigh In on the Social Innovation Fund Grants Sean’s comments on the Social Innovation Fund grants are included in this roundup of various opinions.

7/1/10 – The Wealth Collection: Philanthropy in Frugal Times Sean is quoted in this story about how donors are changing their giving due to the weak economy.

6/15/10 – Mashable: How CEOs are Using Social Media for Real Results Tactical Philanthropy is mentioned in this story from top social media blog Mashable.

6/8/10 – Hewlett Foundation Newsletter: The Philanthropy Blogosphere An analysis of the evolution of philanthropy blogs with multiple quotes from Sean.

1/26/10 – AFP eWire: A Peek at the Philanthropist’s Playbook The Association of Fundraising Professionals’ eWire publication interviews Sean on what matters to major donors.

1/24/10 – Miami Herald: Database helps vet charities Sean is quoted in this story on how donors can best support Haiti.

1/22/10 – New York Times: Three Steps to Making Smart Haiti Donations Tactical Philanthropy’s advice on how best to support Haiti is linked to in this New York Times article (link title: “Step 2: decide what your priorities are”)

1/22/10 – San Francisco Business Times: UCSF hospital under gun to raise $250M Sean is quoted in a story about UCSF’s efforts to raise the matching funds for Atlantic Philanthropies $125 million gift.

1/13/10 – BusinessWeek: Rethinking Ways to Give Wisely This story on the rise of charity evaluation highlights Tactical Philanthropy Advisors.


12/31/09 – The Indianapolis Star: Nonprofit group’s fundraiser shows Web’s worth Sean is quoted in a story about fundraising with social media.

12/9/09 – SmartMoney Magazine: 10 Things Nonprofits Won’t Tell You Smart Money quotes Sean in this article about nonprofit myths.

12/1/09 – Bank Investment Consultant: A Great Time for Giving Sean is quoted in this article about charitable lead trusts.

11/25/09 – Christian Science Monitor: Holiday giving: How to choose a charity Sean is quoted in this article on how donors can select a charity to support. Clarification: Sean said Great Nonprofits was “like Yelp for nonprofits,” not that donors should use

11/25/09 – The Baltimore Sun: Nonprofits turn to Middle River software firm A profile of outcome measurement software company Social Solutions quotes Sean.

11/23/09 – San Mateo Daily Journal: Big donors get strategic help A profile of Sean features his childhood dream to be a major league baseball player!

11/16/09 – The American Prospect: The Innovation Administration This critical look at the Social Innovation Fund quotes Sean.

11/11/09 – New York Times: Clicking for a Cause Sean is quoted in this story looking at nonprofits’ use of social media.

10/21/09 – San Francisco Examiner: Helping major donors give more strategically A profile of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors.

9/11/09 – San Francisco Business Times: New firm bets donors will pay for advice A profile of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors.

9/8/09 – Christian Science Monitor: How charities harness social media for a social impact A profile of how nonprofits are using Twitter. Quotes Sean on why Web 2.0 is important for nonprofits.

9/4/09 – Alliance Magazine: From a blog and a wealth advisory firm comes Tactical Philanthropy Advisors The philanthropy and social investing magazine Alliance covers the launch of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors.

9/3/09 – Philanthropy UK: Philanthropy blogger launches advisory firm The leading publication on UK based philanthropy writes up Tactical Philanthropy Advisors.

8/31/09 – Wall Street Journal: Carving A Niche In Philanthropic Assets The Wall Street Journal profiles the launch of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors.

8/31/09 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Blog Writer Forms New Company to Advise Wealthy Donors The Chronicle of Philanthropy covers the launch of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors.

8/31/09 – Fundraising Success Magazine: Tactical Philanthropy Advisors, Serving High Net Worth Donors Fundraising Success profiles the launch of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors.

7/29/09 – Chronicle of Philanthropy Podcast: Philanthropy’s Post-Recession Future Sean is the featured guest on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s “Philanthropy This Week” podcast.

6/10/09 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Parsing Giving USA’s Numbers: a Calamity or a Relief? The Chronicle of Philanthropy highlights Sean’s analysis of the newly released national charitable giving statistics for 2008.

6/9/09 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Gates Foundation and Unsolicited Gifts The Chronicle of Philanthropy quotes Sean on his take on the implications of the Gates Foundation receiving unsolicited donations.

6/2/09 – Alliance Magazine: 2009 Council on Foundations conference Sean wrote a brief report on the 2009 Council on Foundations conference with input from Dien Yuen.

6/1/09 – Journal of Financial Planning: Charitable Giving in Down Times Sean is quoted in this story on why charitable lead trusts are good planning tools in a bear market.

5/8/09 – San Francisco Business Times: Web site promotes candid reviews of nonprofits A profile of the charity review web site Great Nonprofits quotes Sean commenting on their potential and one big hurdle.

4/24/09 – Wall Street Journal: Helping Themselves The Tactical Philanthropy Community’s assistance to the nonprofit organization FORGE is profiled.

3/13/09 – San Francisco Business Times: UC San Francisco reels in $125M donation Atlantic Philanthropies is making the first $100 million+ grant since the credit crisis hit. The story quotes Sean.

2/26/09 – Fortune Magazine: Global giving: Not so bleak Sean is quoted in this story about the impact of the bleak economy on philanthropy.

2/17/09 – Wall Street Journal: IRS Questions Pay Of Charity Executives In a story looking at nonprofit compensation practices Sean is quoted defending paying well for top talent.

1/14/09 – Voice of San Diego: Being Nonprofit When No Profits Are Being Made This article looking at how nonprofits can deal with the recession mentions Sean and his concept of a Second Great Wave of Philanthropy.


12/19/08 – Wealth Manager Magazine: Charitable Leanings Sean is quoted in this story about private foundations and donor advised funds.

12/19/08 – Wall Street Journal: Evaluating the Charity Evaluators Tactical Philanthropy is referenced in this article as a good resource to learn about rating charities.

12/17/08 – Wealth Manager Web Seminar: Philanthropy and the Family Sean, Page Snow of Foundation Source and Kim Wright-Violich of Schwab Charitable discuss the state of philanthropy.

11/23/08 – The Washington Post: New Way To Rate Charities Sought Sean is quoted in a story about the Working Group for Effective Social Investing.

11/19/08 – The Tactical Philanthropy Forum covers the Tactical Philanthropy Forum featuring Paul Brest and Bill Somerville.

11/17/08 – San Francisco Chronicle: Entrepreneur blogs about charity’s money woes The story of FORGE and how it went viral after being featured on Tactical Philanthropy.

11/13/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Making a Measurable Difference Sean is quoted on the importance of nonprofits collecting data on their effectiveness.

11/1/08 – Wealth Manager Magazine: The Next Wave An article by Sean about the convergence of philanthropy and wealth management.

11/1/08 – Book: CauseWired by Tom Watson Sean is quoted on the supply and demand dynamics effecting

10/31/08 – San Francisco Business Times: Firm hands over keys to charitable financial vehicles A profile of Sean and his firm, Ensemble Capital Management.

10/31/08 – The ETOlutionist: Sean Stannard-Stockton On The Tactical Philanthropy Forum A podcast interview with Sean about the Tactical Philanthropy Forum.

10/29/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Charity Uses a Blog to Disclose Its Financial Woes Coverage of FORGE’s decision to blog about their financial troubles and the subsequent discussion on Tactical Philanthropy.

10/24/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Canadian Charity Offers Fund-Raising ‘IPO’ Sean is quoted in regards to the Toronto-based Canadian Women’s Foundation offering a nonprofit “IPO”.

10/13/08 – SoCap08: New Wealth Management Video coverage of the New Wealth Management session, moderated by Sean, at the Social Capital Markets conference.

10/12/08 – San Francisco Chronicle: Interest blossoms in point-click philanthropy An article about the emergence of “tactical philanthropists” that quotes Sean.

9/10/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Freddie, Fannie, and Philanthropy Sean is quoted in this article about the ramifications for social enterprise of Fannie Mae’s failure.

9/1/08 – Financial Planning Magazine: Give and Take Sean is profiled in this edition of Financial Planning Magazine’s “Practice Profile”.

8/19/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Giving vs. Investing: Does It Matter What Donors Call It? An article summarizing Sean’s views on the shift from “giving” to “social investing”.

7/22/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Charity Fund Raisers Should Focus on the Basics An article profiling Sean’s thoughts on the “low hanging fruit” of philanthropy.

6/1/08 Wealth Manager Magazine: Tactical philanthropy is a growth industry for wealth management An article about the growth of wealth management for philanthropists that quotes Sean and says his firm is on the “leading edge”.

5/26/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Donors’ Rights Versus Charity Independence Tactical Philanthropy is mentioned in this article about to whom nonprofits should be accountable.

5/15/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: New Gates Foundation Head, Good News For Philanthropy? Sean is quoted in regards to the Gates Foundation’s selection of their new CEO.

5/5/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: A Paternalistic View of Philanthropy? An article about the Tactical Philanthropy Blog Team’s coverage of the Council on Foundations conference.

4/9/08 – La Vanguardia: Llega la revolución filantrópica The largest circulation newspaper in Spain quotes Sean in this article about American philanthropy (spanish language).

4/7/08 – New York Observer: The Next Wave in Philanthropy Sean is quoted in this article based on his concept of “A Second Great Wave of Philanthropy”.

3/27/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Should Donors Elect a Charity’s Board Members?Sean is quoted in this article about the idea of major donors electing nonprofit board members.

2/6/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Should Kiva Adjust Its Formula? Coverage of an exchange between Sean and CEO Matt Flannery regarding Kiva’s business model.

1/30/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: What Kiva’s Supply-and-Demand Problem Says about the Nonprofit World Sean is quoted in this story about supply/demand imbalance.

1/23/08 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: How Foundations Can Help Individual Donors Sean is quoted in this article about how foundations can help individual donors give smarter.

1/26/08 – Consilience in Philanthropy In this guest column, Sean argues that philanthropy needs to embrace “consilience”.


12/31/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Nonprofit Leaders and Experts Offer Their Predictions for 2008 Sean makes predictions about what 2008 brings for philanthropy.

12/17/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: A Google Nonprofit Portal? An article about Sean’s “discovery” of nonprofit data in Google Finance.

12/13/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: A Quest for the Best Sean is quoted in this story about GiveWell.

12/1/07 – Book: We Are the New Radicals by Julia Moulden Sean is profiled in this book about people with careers that make the world a better place.

11/12/07 – New York Times: Give and Take, in Words Tactical Philanthropy is listed as one of the most popular philanthropy blogs.

11/10/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: A New Effort to Stimulate Conversation About Philanthropy Coverage of Tactical Philanthropy’s One Post Challenge.

10/19/07 – Financial Post: Tactical Philanthropy Financial Post columnist Jonathan Chevreau profiles the “trend” of Tactical Philanthropy.

10/16/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: A Call for Foundation Blogging An article about Sean’s call for more foundation employees to start blogging.

10/1/07 – Giving: Charitable Remainder Trusts Sean is quoted in this article about the power of charitable remainder trusts.

8/21/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Charities and Politics: The Debate Rages On A profile of the debate between Pablo Eisenberg and Robert Egger that took place on Tactical Philanthropy.

8/10/07 – San Francisco Business Times: Social responsibility earns grade of B Sean is quoted in this story about B Corporations.

8/3/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: What’s in a Name? Sean is quoted regarding whether charities should be called “nonprofits”.

7/26/07 – New York Times: Foundations Find Benefits in Facing Up to Failures The Tactical Philanthropy podcast is mentioned in this story about foundations admitting to failures.

5/17/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Council on Foundations ‘Very Pleased’ With Bloggers’ Coverage The Council on Foundations says they are pleased with Tactical Philanthropy’s coverage of their conference.

5/1/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: How Blog Writers Cover a Meeting of Foundation Officials Coverage of the Council on Foundations issuing media credentials to Sean and a few other bloggers.

4/25/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Wanted: A Few Good Foundation Thinkers Sean is quoted in regards to his views on information sharing in philanthropy.

4/23/07 – Financial Times: Philanthropy steps in where the state failed Sean is quoted in this story about Americans turning to philanthropy because they’ve lost conviction in government.

4/1/07 – Book: Mapping the New World of American Philanthropy by Susan Raymond & Mary Beth Martin Sean is the author of the chapter The Evolution of the Tactical Philanthropists in this book.

3/29/07 – Chronicle of Philanthropy: Giving Charities the Thumbs U Coverage of The Giving Carnival appearing on Tactical Philanthropy.

3/16/07 – San Francisco Business Times: Nonprofits discover power of blogging Tactical Philanthropy is mentioned in this article about nonprofit related blogging.

3/9/07 – Financial Times: Support upfront with back-office Sean is quoted in this article about the falling costs of setting up and running a private foundation.

2/26/07 Chronicle of Philanthropy – How Philanthropy Can Use ‘Social Media’ Tools Coverage of a Tactical Philanthropy Community conversation about the value of social media tools within philanthropy.