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Best Charities for Last Minute Giving

Last year on December 31 I wrote a post about how to pick a charity to support if you wanted to make a year end gift. The post has been circulating on Twitter this week so I thought I’d publish a slightly updated version… The majority of charitable giving is done between Thanksgiving and New […]

Philanthropy Predictions: Giving in 2033

This is that time of year when people offer predictions for what will happen next year. Instead of just focusing on 2011, Lucy Bernholz, philanthropy’s resident futurist, has offered her thought for the next decade which you can read here. Following Lucy’s lead, I thought I offer my own predictions long term projection, so I’m […]

More Billionaires Sign Giving Pledge

The Giving Pledge, the effort of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to encourage billionaires to commit to giving away at least half their wealth, announced this morning that 17 more people have signed the Pledge. That brings the total to 57 of the roughly 400 US billionaires. There were four items of particular interest in […]

Nonprofits Are A Job Creation Engine

This is my most recent column for the Chronicle of Philanthropy. You will find a full archive of my columns here. In the Down Economy, Let’s Not Ignore the Value of Creating Nonprofit Jobs By Sean Stannard-Stockton | Chronicle of Philanthropy Carlos Slim, the Mexican businessman who is the richest person in the world, recently […]

Philanthropy’s Period of Rapid Innovation

One of the defining characteristics of a blog, that sets it apart from historical publishing models, is the conversational focus of the medium. If a “blog” just publishes items that talk about the author or their organization each day, that’s really just a newsletter. But when blog authors write about what other authors are discussing, […]

Do-It-Yourself Guide: How to Evaluate a Charity

For all the talk about overhead expense ratios being a bad way to decide if a charity is any good, there aren’t many tools available that help donors do better evaluations. There are organizations like Philanthropedia, GiveWell, Root Cause, New Philanthropy Capital and GreatNonprofits, which offer information, but as a group they only cover a […]

A Different Kind of Philanthropy

What if foundations mostly gave unrestricted funding instead of dictating how grantees could spend their grants? What if foundations kept supporting grantees who performed instead of ending funding because the “grant cycle” had ended? What if foundations ditched the whole system of soliciting grant proposals and focused on proactively searching for great grantees? What if […]

The Rise of Issue-Agnostic Philanthropy

In yesterday’s post, the foundation looking for “extraordinary and unorthodox philanthropic opportunities” described themselves as “issue-agnostic”. A traditional view of giving suggests giving springs from a donor’s passion for a particular issue. Yet, I’m running across an increasing number of donors/funders who describe themselves as issue-agnostic or some similar term. A few examples: Jerry Hirsch’s […]

External vs Internal Leverage in Philanthropy

People in philanthropy love to talk about using “leverage”. Leverage refers to finding ways to make actions create bigger results. The word leverage comes from the word lever, a simple mechanical tool that allows a force applied at one end to be magnified at the other end. In their excellent report What’s Next for Philanthropy, […]

5 Questions to Ask Every Nonprofit Before Making A Donation

This is my latest column for the Chronicle of Philanthropy. You will find the full archive of my past columns here. Probing Questions All Donors Should Ask Before Making a Significant Gift By Sean Stannard-Stockton | Chronicle of Philanthropy One of the holy grails of nonprofit evaluation is to be able to compare nonprofits with […]