One Post Challenge Update

I’ve been loving the One Post Challenge entries so far. I do want to stress one thing though. A paragraph or two is all you need to write. Blog posts tend to be short and anyone who is considering entering does not need to feel like that have to write a dissertation.

Case in point: The most controversial, commented upon post that I’ve ever written was 102 words long. You can read it here. The 14 comments on that post was only the beginning. The debate that post kicked off generated two weeks of posts on this blog with at least 10 other blogs chiming in and two board members from the same nonprofit holding a public debate via emails and comments to this blog.

One Comment

  1. Maybe “volume” is overrated–and you need to find some way of assessing the quality and long-term value of guest posts. If your goal is simply to generate a lot of comments, you can always invite people to say or write something outrageous. But there also has to be a place for thoughtful, illuminating commentary that people respond to in other ways–like acting on what they’re hearing rather than tossing off a knee-jerk response.